We do not speechify

Who we are

Beyond Management is an association of managers with proven records. We have recognized that difficult and extensive tasks can better be handled by a well-rehearsed team. Beyond Management is owned by the managers.

What we do

To our customers, we provide executive management services for the solution of critical tasks, which are performed by our experienced Beyond Managers.

Your needs determine the role we play in your company.

Board of Directors or Managing Director
Operational Manager
Management Coach

Normally, we work on special tasks for which our customers require temporary support. Typically:

We combine our expertise in finance, marketing, sales, technology and logistics to ensure the success of our customers. We take over on site-responsibility.


  • Defusing and managing acute crisis situations
  • Creation and implementation of reorganization and restructuring concepts
  • Sustainable assurance of process quality
  • Designing and implementing viable financing solutions
  • Contribution of our network of investors to our customers’ needs
  • Pushing and realizing the necessary changes

Strategic reorientation

  • Preserving and using of existing strengths
  • Shaping the future through new processes, products and/or markets
  • Communication and implementation of the new strategy

Succession planning

  • Maintaining continuity in the management of the company
  • Bridging succession-related transition phases
  • Supporting the successor with an effective training

Support of M&A processes

  • Advice in planning and implementation
  • Participation in the due diligence process, visible or backstage
  • Involvement of our network partners for special topics

Management Coaching

Personally and with discretion, we support the management in important management issues, such as

  • Change in communication and management culture
  • Promoting agility and innovation
  • Establishing a “no blame culture”
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Succession Coaching

Our working method

We work on site, together with the client

We work hands-on, interdisciplinary, nationally and internationally

We like variable payment-regulations

We are driven by reliability, loyalty, strict focus on the results and the respect for the achievements of the company.

Our quality standards

The Beyond Managers are committed to top performance.

On the basis of many years of experience, we have defined clear quality criteria which we continuously check for the fulfilment of our mandates.

If required, we are happy to provide references and case studies from mandates in a wide range of industries.


Beyond Management GmbH
Prof. Dr. Stefan Sorg
Kastanienallee 5
14471 Potsdam
Phone: +49 331 50574387